Polychromed steel and light sculpture

Completed: 2018

Dimensions: 23m long X 4.8m high

Location: Evanston, Chicago USA

Commissioned: Evanston City Council, Chicago, USA

Photo: The artist

The response to this site was to create drama to counterpose the dark, drabness of the location of the railway overpass location.

“Stitch”, is a 24 hour (day and night) artwork which is a metaphor for the connectivity implicit in the site. Three separate neighbourhoods have their junction at this location and the artwork provides a marker point or sense of gateway between the neighbourhoods. Moreover it represents a visual connectivity which stitches together the triangulation of Green Bay and Emerson Streets and Ridge Ave.

The project furthers my exploration of the role of public art to “re-invent” otherwise alien and seemingly desolate locations.