Warren Langley Bio

Melton City Council 2013

Light art and glass art are terms commonly applied to the site specific public art of artist Warren Langley. In a career spanning over 35 years, the past 16 years has seen an increasing use of light as a principal design element to create public art interventions which undergo day to night transformations.

Langley’s ouvre addresses the notion of sight/site, both visual and contextual and his 35 year portfolio of artworks for the built environment span all manner of materials although it is his large scale works in light and glass for which he is most well known.

These have involved major projects in locations as diverse as the Australian Parliament House; the Maison de la Opera, Amiens, France; The Museum of Contemporary Art, Tacoma, USA, the Australian Pavilion at the 2011 Shanghai World Expo and Hong Kong airport.  This body of work has been delivered for a broad range of government, corporate and private clients concerned with the commissioning of artworks specific to site.

In 1996 he was awarded a Fellowship by the Australia Council for the Arts and has been afforded international recognition for many large scale works using glass and light as preferred materials. In 2010  he was a finalist, in the  Art in the Working Place category at the International Architecture Symposium in Barcelona.

These public artworks integrate and intervene with the built environment as a site specific component and increasingly his work blurs the boundaries between sculpture, architecture and engineering.

All of Langley’s projects are delivered as a design, fabricate, deliver and install package and utilise the skills of a team of engineer’s, project managers  industrial designers and fabricators who underpin his public art projects. Together, this team has developed a reputation for reliability, ability to deliver unfailingly on time, problem solve on all levels of a project and competently involve themselves with all manner of colleagues, stakeholders, consultants and other professionals.