Light painting, pedestrian underpass

Completed: 2007

Dimensions: 56m long

Location: Doncaster Pedestrian Underpass, Melbourne, Australia

Commissioned: Manningham City Council

Photo: John Gollings studio

The concept for immerse uses a simple construction of long life, Light Emitting Diodes along with specific lenses all of which are housed in a small, tamper proof housing which runs the length of the underpass passage. 

The subsequent projection of light across the ceiling and down the walls creates the visual equivalent of an impressionist “painting” through which the pedestrian passes.

To create an illusion of greater “spaciousness” than actually exists within the underpass, the entire walls and ceiling of the ramps and the underpass are uniformly surfaced with a soft, (off white/alabaster) large, rectangular format ceramic tile ( 600 x 300mm ) aligned vertically to enhance the sense of space.

Furthermore, the projected “light painting” to both ceiling and walls blurs the interface between the two surfaces, again helping to alleviate the oppressive sensibility of the low ceiling.