Suspended Light sculpture

Completed: 2016

Dimensions: 110 lineal metres

Location: City of Perth

Commissioned: Leighton’s Constructions

Photo: Trent Baker

is a work which by its form evokes the sense of pedestrian movement through the space but which by its metaphorical intent speaks of the connectivity between the inner city precincts, encircling the CBD in the manner of jewels upon a necklace.

A bold, yellow, continuous suspended form by day, the work undergoes a soft, subtle colour shift in response to surrounding light levels.  An inner array of easily accessible LEDs allows the work to undergo a slow and subtle shift through a range of colours reminiscent of the Western Australian landscape (rusty reds, ochres etc). The artwork undergoes this colour transition in response to changes in the ambient light, such that season, shadow, angle of sunlight, sky condition or even the passing of a cloud can cause the artwork to “blush”. In this sense the concept is forever interacting with its surroundings rendering it truly site specific.

The physical presence of the work uses purpose moulded, modular forms in UV stable, lightweight, indestructible LLDPE and investigates the notion of “light as volume”.  By encapsulating a light source in a light transmitting, translucent  skin the concept effectively uses light to generate form.

The simplicity of form, singular colour hue at any one time and the ability of the form to “cut through” the existing visual clutter of retail, commercial and other lighting distractions would allow this artwork to deliver a restrained but dramatic solution for the site.