Formed glass installation

Completed: 2014

Dimensions: 14m x 1.8m

Location: Carnarvon Court House and Justice Complex, Western Australia

Commissioned: Western Australian Government

Photo: Anton Blume

In August 2012 the first of two workshops were in Carnarvon with the artist and the Jilinbri weaving group. The intention of this collaboration was to develop a major artwork for the Courthouse complex which transcended the notion of indigenous or western art and instead gave rise to a unique series of pattern and marks which drew on both styles.  The finished concept appears as a large 14m long formed glass mural, internally located and fixed in front of the glazing to the internal courtyard.

The concept for the artwork, and the rationale for working with a local weaving group, was underpinned by the belief that the lore (black fella lore) or the law (white fella law) is the fabric which holds a community,  society or culture  together. In the manner of a large weaving, it is the fabric of the law which binds a society, and makes us feel comfortable knowing we are protected..

Given the strong weaving tradition of the local indigenous community, it was decided to use the woven image as the thematic component for the large formed glass artwork.