Suspended light sculpture

Completed: 2011

Dimensions: 15m span

Location: Concourse Performing Arts Centre, Chatswood, NSW, Australia

Commissioned: Willoughby City Council

Photo: Richard Glover

This work is a light sculpture addresses the notion of chandelier in contemporary architecture. In the history of architecture it has been commonplace for extraordinary chandeliers to appear within buildings of major cultural significance such as this performing arts complex.

At the same time, the concept deals with the movement of people within the space and elicits that moment of ingress as the crowd moves towards the theatre doors in anticipation of the performance. This sense of movement is equally found in the surrounding architecture where, as with the level 2 foyer itself, this work floats between the blade walls, mimicking the

movement defined in the overhead ceiling detail.

This is very much a site specific public artwork. For the visitor, it is intended to intensify their

experience of the architectural space at the same time reinforcing their sense of movement

through that space.