Suspended light sculpture (chandelier)

Completed: 2013

Dimensions: 20m long

Location: Melton Library and Learning Hub, Melbourne

Commissioned: Melton City Council

Photo: The artist

This is another in a series of works which challenges the notion of “chandelier” in contemporary architecture. Using abstracted forms based on the Melton Shire’s floral emblem  Eucalyptus behriana (Bull Mallee), a suspended arrangement of sculptural forms delivers a day and night experiential artwork whose viewer response shifts in accord with surrounding light levels. In this manner, time of day, angle of sunlight (season) or sky condition affect the appearance of the sculptural array such that even a passing cloud may cause the work to “blush”.

Composed of 100% recyclable materials the entire artwork is an exercise in sustainability. Each of the 12 (up to 2m diameter) “blossom” forms draws less than 40W of power.