Light sculpture

Completed: 2010

Dimensions: Tallest tree 6m high

Location: Sydney, Australia

Commissioned: Sydney City Council

Photo: Richard Glover

ASPIRE is a public artwork in light which directly references the community aspirations which fought the destruction of residential housing in this vicinity.  The demolition of a considerable swathe of  long standing residences had been proposed to accommodate the path of the freeway. The ensuing community action, one of the first of its type in Sydney, forced the freeway planners to adopt the current overhead configuration.

The 14 stylised tree forms stand strong and proud as a metaphor for the community and appear to be holding the massive freeway aloft.

The more pragmatic aspects of the design address the previously intimidating pedestrian thoroughfare beneath the imposing overhead bulk of the freeway. The illuminated forms which glow brightly by night, impart a positive, uplifting experience to those passing through this vital pedestrian link between Ultimo and the Sydney CBD.

Vacuum formed in purpose moulded High Density Polyethylene the tree forms are illuminated by an internal array of long life, highly sustainable Light Emitting Diodes.