Angles of Incidence

Light and Glass sculpture

Completed: 2016

Dimensions: 6m H

Location: Victoria Cross, North Sydney

Commissioned: North sydney Council

Photo: Richard Glover

ANGLES OF INCIDENCE (with Julia Davis)
DESCRIPTION: Glass and light sculpture
MATERIALS: Digitally coloured safety glass, stainless steel and LED light
DIMENSIONS: 6m high x 2.4 x 2.2
LOCATION: Victoria Cross, North Sydney
YEAR: 2016
PHOTO: Richard Glover

It is reasonable to assume that the Victoria Cross site has always been an intersection or meeting point. From pre-colonial settlement, where the ridges were most likely the well travelled walking paths of the indigenous clans, this site was an intersection of ridges and a possible meeting place. In the early days of colonial settlement this sense of intersection was further enhanced as a junction of the major routes from the harbour foreshore and landings.

Over time this notional sense of intersection became a social hub rather than a physical crossing of paths as the precinct evolved as an entertainment and commercial centre.

This concept, based upon the shape of a quartz grain from the ubiquitous sandstone beneath, perpetuates this phenomena by reflecting its surroundings in a unique and forever changing manner. By continuously reflecting its changing surrounds the artwork becomes an active participant in the landscape. Both an interactive and integrated artwork.

By night, the large contemporary structure transforms from a reflective form into a glowing blue icon,
a marker point
a location finder
an announcement

A two way mirror effect in the interactive, coloured safety glass transitions from a reflective surface to a light transmitting surface in accord with the surrounding light level.

Angles of Incidence