40 Million Mornings (Langley/Austin)

Bridge Landing

Completed: 2020

Dimensions: 70m wide

Location: Gold Coast Cultural Precinct

Commissioned: City of Gold Coast

Photo: Scott Shirley

40 million Mornings is a large “bridge landing” which allows the associated footbridge over the Nerang River to sit above potential flood levels. The work was developed collaboratively with Architect Jess Austin and is loosely based upon the reflections of sunrise upon the rippled surface of the river. The title references the number of mornings upon which this phenomenon took place with the river in its current geographic, post Pleistocene location.

The large structure employs an optically active, anodised aluminium surface which responds, by night, to a concealed light source utilising three different colour temperatures of simple white light. The three different colour temperatures 2200K, 4000K and 6500K each generate entirely different responses in the anodised aluminium surface

40 Million Mornings (Langley/Austin)