December 2022 update

Finally, after a drawn out and unnecessarily difficult process due to Covid and a borderline adversarial builder, the series of works for the Curtin University campus (Curtin Exchange) was successfully installed. Finally… Read more

40 Million Mornings for the Gold Coast Cultural Precinct

  Finally, an opening day photo of the huge installation. Waiting to get some night time/ twilight shots where it should look spectacular….complete with reflections off the water.  

October 2017 update

Just home from the USA and an interesting new project for Evanston, Chicago. A railway underpass steel structure with an intriguing but subtle lighting phenomena. Used the Chicago visit to touch base… Read more

November Update

Angles of Incidence installed very smoothly thanks to the usual “team”. Another successful collaborative effort between engineers, project management and client. Great also to have Julia Davis on board for this one.

July update

Just back from hot and humid Manila. Three works successfully installed for private client.